Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Grand Designs Live

So this weekend's "adventure" was to Grand Designs Live, at the ExCeL exhibition centre, in London's Docklands.
Whilst it's probably not the most exciting adventure, it gave the other half her first taste of travelling any sort of distance on the back of the ST, and we have determined the following key points:
  • After about 60 miles, numb bum sets in, unless it's cold when it only takes 20
  • The ST seat is quite slippery, so heavy breaking causes unplanned hugs :-)
  • Her gloves and boots are too thin, so her hands and feet get cold quite quickly
  • Her 59-60 lid is a little too tight, despite her head being 60 when measured
All this can be remedied, however, and we plan to have a go at doing just that, at the BMF show, in Peterborough, this weekend.

Another excuse to take the old girl out :-)

See you there,

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